Joko + Catharine

by admin, June 12, 2015

I personally love Japan very much. I love the language, pop culture, traditional culture, and the technology. I think Japan is one of the countries that is successful in building their modern culture while preserving their traditional culture. Their people are also very well mannered, delicious cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. It’s all you wanted as a tourist, and you’ll have it all in Japan.

Shooting prewedding session in Japan is one of my bucket list, and to be able to get the chance to shoot Joko & Catharine is an honor to me. We spent 2 days going to places around Tokyo and mt. Fuji. When we travel, it is common for us to feel exhausted, tired, and home sick. But, that didn’t happen to any of us, we were very excited and both the couple were very happy as well. We were able to meet the locals, enjoy local cuisine, and be like locals.

Sounds interesting? Will I do it again? Sure, why not!? Let’s hit another town !


Your Photographer,



  • Location : Tokyo, Japan
  • Date Taken : 15-16 May 2015